Making Users Engaged with Rewards
Bitmo is an app that allows users to earn points on everyday purchases. We partner with brands to understand consumers' shopping behaviors and provide them with the best deals possible.
In an effort to engage users, there is a point system that allows them to earn and buy more. We want to enhance the app's gamification to give users a reason to return to the app for most of their purchases.
​​​​​​​How do we encourage our clients to use the activity feed and engage with our point system?
The Mid-Fidelity Prototype
This prototype makes the following edits:
1. Remove the separation line 
2. Create buttons that allow users to gain points
3. Simplified the copy to enhance readability 
4. Moved copy over so it aligned to the left

Original Design

New MockUp
One main concern that arises with this screen is the button. Some users may earn points in the 5 or 6 digits. This will present a dilemma with the UI when the button expands into the copy.
I also need to make sure that the colors presented on the buttons would be AAA compliant. I decided to create outlines to show the difference between the claim and claimed buttons.
The Business Needs
Next, we conduct a SWOT analysis to evaluate the pros and cons of gamifiying the activity feed on the Bitmo app.
+ Decrease the number of pages needed
+ Increase visits to the app
+ Provide insight into what users purchase with their points
- Time for the user to adapt to the point system
- Creates an extra step for the user to collect points
+ Can drive users to the app for other promotions using rewards

- Users may feel overwhelmed with the point system

The Feed's New Button
The user simply needs to click the "claim" button for their points to be added to their overall points. This will add a step that allows the user to interact with the page as opposed to making the point system automated.
​​​​​​​Why this Design Matters
Users are going to have a new way to engage with the app, beyond its original use. This additional feature will also give us insight into what users purchase when they are using the points they earned. It will also increase the value of the data that we are able to share with our brand partners. 
The next step will be adding a feature that allows users to view their Wallet in the Activity Feed. This will further simplify the number of pages needed in the app.
This will mean informing the user of the number of points they have in the same place where they claim the points. 
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