Methods: Field Research and Financial Research
Time Period: 4 months
Role: To conduct research on the company's financial health, calculate financial analysis projections, and presenting the information in a digestible manner​​​​​​​
Problem:  A team of investors is seeking as much public information on Garmin to decide if they should make an investment in their stock.
Impact: Led the group of investors to make an informed decision regarding their investment. To protect their privacy, I cannot disclose the dollar amount.
One of the time consuming parts of trading stocks is doing the research.
 Often times, shareholders are looking for direct, accurate, and valuable information. Doing this requires and understanding of what is important to the users and how they expect the information to be presented.
  We begin by providing a simple to understand break down of who is running the company. This information is essential to stockholders as they show a preference for understanding who is running the company and what their experience is. We then draw out the quantitative data in a digestible and meaningful manner. Lastly, we explain what the company is planning on doing next. 
Using visual graphs with simple and short blurbs to prevent the user from thinking too much about what they are looking at. A common complaint about company annual reports is that the information is difficult to understand and users cannot find the stuff that actually matters to them. By breaking down the results into a simple line graph, the user can determine the metrics like the Return on Equity without too much confusion.
Stock movements, which are often shown in graphs are not always necessary. What you notice from watching stake holders is that they tend to squeeze their eyes to see what the actual price is. 
When it comes to money, shareholders do not need a linear graph. They want to see the what the numbers are and if that satisfies them or not.
Future Developments 
Finally, I put together the main points of where the company is planning on going. Shareholders are generally intrigued with what plans the company has to keep earning profits and meeting their expectations. This gives a brief overview of next steps for the company without all of the fluff.
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